n1 is a stratum 1 server steered by pair of GPS receivers.
n1 exists because we need a reliable source of time. One where I know it'll either give correct time, or be honest and say it is unsynchronized. I've been burned one time too many.

2014.10.18: Loss of GPS2 for 8 hours.
gpsd lost GPS2 at approx 0400 UTC. PPS was still coming. Nothing in the logs.

2014.08.05: Loss of GPS2 for 11 minutes
gpsd lost GPS2 at 7:23. PPS was still coming. This is either the BMC messing with the port, or a gpsd bug.

2014.04.15: Web server fixes
During the server move, I did a nuke and pave on file permissions and ownership. That meant that some directories were unreadable to the webserver.

2014.04.15: Upped the rate limits.
For some experiments. And to see what the abusers do.
The limits are still low enough to prevent reflection attacks.

2014.04.14: Back in spec.
Kernel PPS is now fixed. Offset is verified, jitter is low, good. A traffic plot and skyview plot was also added. Note: This hardware has 15us pulse to PPStime

2014.04.13: No more IE 8 on XP, no Java 6.
The server now enforces forward secrecy on encrypted connections.

2014.04.13: Normal Operation.
The replacement server is fully configured, patched for heartbleed, duct taped, and has seen the first 600k clients.

Sky view
This is an intensity-graded plot of signal strength, seen both as the usual sky view, and as a south-centered cylindrical projection. Blue indicates that the satellite is excluded from the solution, red that the receiver has lost lock.